How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Winnipeg?

The factors that go into a bathroom project costing are varied.  First is to understand the finishing's you may want to use, secondary working with a designer/contractor that understands your ideas and end use requirements, thirdly the space condition is another driving factor i.e. is there mold in the room? is the sub-floor in good condition and so forth. In Winnipeg's diverse style of homes we can explore many options of finishing's. To start we need to look at the space, decide if there will be any space change i.e. moving toilet, tub or vanity placement.  Typically if we are just updating items with not moving position, costing will be less. In our experience at SPR design&build we see a average bathroom renovation costing $15,000-$25,000.  The material choices determine a huge portion of the costing, labour follows in around the same equal portion generally.  Other variable factors are permits, design drawings and professional consultations that may sometimes be required.  As well it is very important to work with a designer/contractor that advises you for possible contingency monies required in cases of unforeseen issues arising. We advise our clients as to potential pitfalls that may come in to play, this is where our experience in working on so many different style of homes in the Winnipeg area becomes an asset.  We at SPR design&build look to create timeless designs as opposed to on trend styling. Our philosophy to bring a simple clean look with personal touches of each individual clients tastes to our job. We are always striving to give our clients a WOW! factor. We are very proud to state the majority of our clients feel very happy and some more so when we complete a project.